UMANG is a new portal that is created by the government of India to bring all its services at one platform. Therefore, you won’t have to download different apps for different services that you want to use. You will be able to access any government service that you want through UMANG using your smartphone, SMS, Website, or through its toll-free number.

In this article, I’ll give you the basics of the UMANG app and how you can use it easily.


1] Searching For Services On Umang App

There is a search text box which you can use to find whichever service you are looking for. Just type the service name that you want to access in this search box and the results will be displayed. You can then choose the appropriate service that you want to access.

Note: The search box starts showing suggestions as you type, so you won’t have to type the whole service name as you can select from the suggestions list.

2] Filter’s And Sorting In UMANG App

These features are provided so that you can narrow down your search results easily and get what you are looking for in a faster and effective way. You have to click on the filter icon that is on the Home Screen and the Filter options will be displayed.

You can narrow down your search using SORT BY and SERVICE TYPE options. The orders which you can select from are:

  • Alphabetic
  • Most Popular &
  • Top Rated

If you wish to see a service in a specific order then:

  1. Using SORT BY, click on the order of the service.
  2. Using SERVICE TYPE, you have to click on the type of service.
  3. Using categories, you have to select the categories of services that you want to see.
  4. Once you have selected them all, click on APPLY and the services will be displayed depending on these filter and sorting criteria’s.

3] Favourites Tab

If you have any services that you use frequently, then instead of going through all that searching process every single time, you can just add them to your Favourites Tab.

You can mark a specific service as a Favourite by:

  • A heart shape icon will be displayed on that service card. Click on this icon.
  • There is the Favourites Tab on the Home Screen. You can later use this tab to access all the services that you have added to this tab directly. This saves a lot of time.

4] Other Services 

There are additional important tabs that are displayed which have specific functions, these are:

  1. All: When you click on this tab, all the central and state services will be displayed.
  2. Central: Click on this tab to see all the central services.
  3. State: Click on this tab to see all the state services. You will have to select your specific State to view all the services that your State offers.

5] All the State Services

You can access state-wise services by clicking on the State Tab on the Home Screen of the UMANG app. The services will also be displayed according to the state that you have mentioned in your profile. If you haven’t selected your State yet, then an option of Select State will be displayed and then you can select your state and the list of services of that State will be displayed.

You can easily change the selected State to any other State and the services of that State will be displayed. Just click on the State drop-down to change the State that you have selected.

6] To Discover More Services

You can easily discover services using the various sections displayed on the Home Screen of the UMANG app. These sections are:

  • Recently Viewed: All the services that were seen by you recently will be displayed here.
  • New and Updated: All the services that are either new or updated recently will be displayed here.
  • Trending: All the services that are trending currently will be displayed here.
  • Top Rated: The services that have been given high ratings will be displayed here.
  • Suggested: Similar suggestions of services will be displayed here.

You have the “More” option to view all services in these sections.

7] Help And Support – UMANG App

There is the icon with 3 horizontal line on the corner on which you can click to open a slider menu. In this menu, you will be able to find Help & Support option. Use this option to find solutions and resolve all your problems and queries by using customer care and online help.

All the customer support and online help options that are available in UMANG are listed in the table shown below.


When the option is selected

Phone Support

The dialler pad appears with the customer care IVR number.

Users can click the call icon to connect with customer care.

Email Support

The email address is copied.

Users can launch the email client and write a concern to the copied email address.

Live Chat

The chat session appears.

Users can chat by writing the concern in the text box.


The list of frequently asked questions appears on the screen.

User Manual

The user manual providing information on using UMANG appears.

8] DigiLocker

UMANG app has the DigiLocker services integrated into it to reduce the use of paper and provide secure access to all your documents on the go.

To access the DigiLocker services:

  1. Click on the icon with three horizontal lines to open the menu.
  2. On this menu, select the DigiLocker option to open the DigiLocker page.
  3. Now click on Login to get into the DigiLocker if you already have an account here, or else click on Create Account to make you new DigiLocker account.
  4. Enter all your necessary details to log in.

DigiLocker offers you the following options:

  1. Share Documents: Use this to share your documents securely online.
  2. Upload Documents: Use this to upload your documents to your DigiLocker account.
  3. Link DigiLocker: You can use this to link this account to your Aadhaar number to get one-click access to all your issued documents.

Hope you found this article helpful. If you still have some questions or suggestions, then please leave a comment below.

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