CIF number and CIF code are such terms that a person who does banking, comes across quite often. Many of us don’t know what these numbers mean and what is their importance. So, I’ll explain to you in detail what this CIF number/code means and also show you how you can find this out online or offline.

CIF number means “Customer Information File”. This is unique for each and every customer.

What exactly is this CIF number?

  1. It is a digital or virtual file that contains all your important banking details.
  2. This number is an 11-digit unique number which represents the file.
  3. If the customer has many accounts, then all these accounts are linked to this one CIF number that is assigned to the customer. Therefore, no matter how many accounts you hold, you will have only 1 CIF number.
  4. It is used by the bank when it wants to retrieve all the personal and financial information of the customer.
  5. This information includes details regarding the customer’s loans, credit, etc. It also includes all the KYC details of the customer like their identity details, address, and photo ID.
  6. This helps the bank to view all the accounts’ information of the customer easily in one place.

How can find out the CIF number/code?

You can find out your CIF number both online or offline easily. I’ve shown here the process for SBI, but it is similar to other banks as well.

Online Ways To Find CIF Number

1] Using Internet Banking

  • Log into your SBI bank’s Internet Banking facility using your username and password.

cif number sbt

  • Then select Account Statement (E-Statement) for a particular period of time.

cif number sbt

  • Then, your Account Summary page will be displayed along with your CIF number and other details.

cif number sbt

2] Using SBI Mobile App

You can simply download the SBI Anywhere App. Once you register it using your credentials, you will be able to access all your account details along with your the CIF number.

How to find CIF number of Central Bank?

The Central Bank Of India keeps the 11-digit CIF number always updated to ensure the correctness of a record that is kept with the bank. The CIF number has important data such as-

  1. The type of account that you are holding.
  2. All the details of the client who has an account in the bank.
  3. The balance remaining in your account for the current and previous months.
  4. All your transaction history.

The CIF number is of immense value because all the banks including the State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), Central Bank etc suggests different services like ATM cards, Credit cards etc to the customers on the basis of this number. The CIF number is essential when you transfer your account from one branch to another.

You can find your CIF number in the Central Bank Of India by following the steps given below:

  1. You can find your CIF number in the passbook that you got from the Central Bank. This number would be printed on the front page of the passbook.
  2. You can also find this number on the Cheque book as well that is issued to you by the Central Bank.
  3. You can go down to your bank branch and ask for the CIF number. Take your passbook and other identity proof for verification.
  4. You can also use internet banking services for finding out your CIF number.

These are the methods through which you can find out your CIF number of Central Bank of India.


Offline Ways To Find CIF Number

1] You can find CIF number in your SBI Cheque Book

  • Take your Cheque Book and open the first page.
  • Your CIF number will be printed on this page.

2] You can find CIF number in your SBI Passbook

Your CIF number is mostly printed on the very first page of your bank passbook along with your account details.

3] You can ask your CIF number by calling SBI Customer Care

In case you are unable to find your SBI passbook or cheque book, and you don’t have access to the internet, then you can even get your CIF number by calling the customer care. The toll-free Customer Care numbers for SBI are 1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800 and 080-26599990. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Make a call to any of the above toll-free SBI customer care numbers.
  2. By choosing the appropriate IVR, you will be connected to one of the customer care officials of SBI.
  3. They will ask your name, address, bank account number etc for verification purpose.
  4. Once you have been verified correctly, they will tell you your CIF number.

4] You can visit your Bank Branch

You can also visit your home branch to find out your CIF number. Just visit the inquiry counter at your branch. Tell them your account number and make a request to the executive of the branch to tell you your CIF number.

Quick Video – SBI Anywhere App: Link Aadhaar to CIF

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