The Indian Government is really pushing hard towards complete digitization. They have now turned their attention to the way that the services are provided by the government. A new portal called UMANG has been launched by the government to take these services a step closer to digitization.



UMANG is short for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. It is an initiative taken by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology that enables its users to gain access to all the government services via a single mobile interface. UMANG can also be used through SMS code, Website as well as their toll-free IVR. The users do not have to go through the trouble of downloading different apps for different government services.

1. How to register for UMANG?

You can download and install the UMANG app both on Google Play as well as on iOS App Store. After installing the app, you have to complete the registration process. You can do this by using your mobile number. Just follow the steps as given below:

  1. Launch the UMANG app on your smartphone.
  2. Now click on the “New User” tab.
  3. A new screen will appear which will guide you through the registration process.
  4. Now enter your mobile number and then click on proceed. Now, your mobile number will be verified using OTP.
  5. You will receive an OTP which you have to enter the given space. The OTP will be verified and then you will be taken to “Set MPIN“.
  6. MPIN is your password, therefore, do not reveal this to anyone else and never forget it.
  7. Now enter the MPIN that you want to set for you and then re-enter the same MPIN again to confirm.
  8. Once you click on proceed, your MPIN will be saved and then you will be taken to your security question.
  9. This security question will be required when you forget your MPIN and want to reset it. So again, do not reveal this to anyone else.
  10. You have to select 2 questions and answer them for registration.
  11. Click on proceed and then you will be taken to AADHAAR Integration. This will link your Aadhaar with your UMANG profile.
  12. Now enter your Aadhaar number and by doing this you can use it for eKYC. In case you want to do this later, click on SKIP and now your Profile Information will be displayed.
  13. It is important here to know that the Aadhaar card integration will let you log into UMANG using their Aadhaar number. You will also be able to use it for eKYC. Also, no multiple UMANG profiles could be made as Aadhaar can only be linked with one UMANG profile.
  14. Now click on proceed to complete your Aadhaar integration process. Now again, the mobile verification will be required.
  15. The number that you have registered on Aadhaar will receive an OTP which you have to enter here. If correct, your Profile Information will be displayed. If you have done this Aadhaar integration, your Aadhaar details will be copied to your UMANG profile. If not, then you have to do it manually later.
  16. Check if all the details that are displayed are correct. Then click on SAVE And PROCEED  or SKIP if you want to add your profiles later.
  17. Your UMANG registration process will now be completed and the UMANG Home Screen will appear.
  18. If you have entered your Email Adress as well, then a verification link will be sent t your Email account. Click on that link and complete the verification process. This EMail will also be added to your UMANG profile.


2. How Existing Users Log into UMANG

Once you have registered for UMANG, you can log into UMANG either by

  • Using your mobile number or
  • By your Aadhaar card number.

1. Log into UMANG using Your Mobile Number

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the UMANG app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the “Mobile Number” tab.
  3. Now enter your mobile number that you registered for UMANG and then enter the MPIN.
  4. Click on “Login”.

If you have forgotten your UMANG MPIN, then you can login using the OTP link or click on “Forgot MPIN” to create a new MPIN.

2. Log into UMANG using Your Aadhaar Number

If you have integrated your UMANG profile with your Aadhaar number, then you can use this feature. To login UMANG using Aadhaar number, follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the UMANG app on your smartphone.
  2. Now click on “Aadhaar” tab.
  3. Enter your Aadhaar number and click on “Continue“.
  4. Now, mobile verification will be done by sending an OTP to the mobile number registered in Aadhaar.
  5. Enter this OTP and you will be logged into your UMANG profile successfully.


3. How To Logout Of UMANG

Simply click on the icon that has 3 horizontal lines and a tab containing all the different actions will slide out. Now click on “Logout“.

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