Are you bored of regular 9 am to 5 pm job? Are you looking to have your own business but running out of business ideas or Investment? Do you have the potential to become the next business tycoon and own a business empire? Do you want to be your own boss? If you find yourself fit in above then you must be looking for the ideas to start a business. Most of the people today have the will to start their own business and have superb business ideas in their minds, the only ‘but’ that put its leg in between is the Investment. Every business needs some amount of investment to start its working.

Here are some of the profit-making business ideas that have very small feeding as Investment

1.Recruitment Agency: This is a firm which is an intermediary between candidates and the company looking for candidates. Just match the best combinations and get money out of it.

2.Translation Services: Globalization may have made the world as small as a village, but languages still remain a problem for the companies doing global business. You can master the native language or hire the personals who are a specialist in the languages and then you can work as a firm which translates.

3.Video conferencing or Board Room Facilities: If you have space and expertise for video conferencing. You can have a firm which provides spaces to small enterprises who themselves cannot afford to have a special board room.

4.Hobby Classes: If you are good at something you can teach it to others. Parents are looking for all round development of their children and ready to spend money on it. So you can start a hobby class in music, dance, craft or else based on whatever skill you master.

5.Party Planner: Throwing a party occasionally is a trend nowadays in mega cities. And if you are looking to set your business in a mega city, you can plan the parties for the clients.

6.Car Pool services: The idea behind car pool is sharing the car to reach the same destination. The cost of the petrol is split between the customers and thus saves the cost per head. This is a very practical solution for a very big problem. So you can create a good business out of it.

7.Pet Care: If you love pets and you think that you can take care of pets, then you can start a pet care firm. There are peoples who own a pet but are unable to take care of them because of some reasons. You can charge them in return.

8.Travel Agency: People want to spend their holidays freely without any tension of tickets and bookings. You can do it instead of them, while they will only care about holidays you can take their load of flights ticket and hotel booking etc.

9.Social Media Services: Social Media is the easiest way to reach a large number of people in very less time. Every company wants to go digital. Your firm can help them by maintaining their social account, writing ghost articles, blogs and posts which will build the company’s social image.

10. Hosting Services: Many small firms can not afford to have their own servers, so they take hosting services from other companies. You can become a host and provide hosting to these firms.

11. Yoga Classes: People are getting more health conscious, which bends them towards Yoga. If you are a yoga professional or you have a certified yoga training then you can start yoga classes.

12. Freelancing: Freelancing gives you an opportunity to work on your own terms. You can work on a project of your choice and charge based on your quality and timing.

13. Car Spa: A car looks good when washed up nicely. Who wants to drive a dirty car, but nobody has the time to wash it themselves. Even on holidays, people want to spend their time with family. You can start a car spa where you will charge people in return for washing their cars.

14. Collection Agency: Peoples who take the loan from a bank many times don’t pay EMI on time. Bank themselves have no time to get to such peoples and asks for the money but instead the outsource it to private firms who then collect the money for banks.

15. Used Car Dealership: Having a car is a dream of many peoples especially in India, but not everybody can afford a new car. So they look for a second-hand car. You can get them their car from the one who is willing to sell their cars.

16. Dietary Consultancy Services: Most peoples are very concern about their diet nowadays. And look for the expert advice about their diet and diet chart. If you are an expert or have time to study the related matter and get a certified degree, it can be a good business.

17. Driving School: Number of cars are increasing day by day as people who are willing to spend their money on a car are increasing. But while they buy a car first priority is to learn driving. Which gives a way to an evergreen business of the driving school.

18. Baby Care: Mainly in mega cities where both husband and wife are working, there arises a need for baby care. If you think you are good at baby care this is a good business.

19. Courier Services: Oldest of the business but evergreen. Peoples always look for a fast timely delivery, if you can manage this then you can make a whole lot of money.

20. Estate Agent: When people look for a home or a property to buy, they always look for options, an estate agent has available a lot of options. And therefore people first come to the estate agent. So becoming an estate agent is a good low budget business ideas.

21. Resume Writing: Every job application needs a resume, which is supposed to be well prepared. Not everyone is good at making a resume. You can help others in making a good presentable resume.

22. Game Parlor: Children are always excited about playing video games. If you have space to install some systems and Xbox stations, you can start your own game parlor.

23. Photography: If you are good at clicking pictures, then you have your business ready on hand. Individual portfolio, business occasions, family functions a photographer is always in demand.

24. SEO Consultant: If you understand the digital marketing quite well, you can make money by helping the clients to optimize their website for search engine.

25. Milk Parlor: It is oldest of the businesses but is still effective. By making good strategies and planning well you can make a good profit from this business.

26. Tailoring Services: A good source of income for homemaker women. Tailoring is a very low investment in all the business ideas.

27. Fast Food Parlor: Food never goes out of demand. Fast food is in trend nowadays, and if you can provide people with good quality food you can make a good business out of it.

28. Share Market Services: If you have the relevant background and understand the market expertly. Then you can open a Share marketing service firm, which will guide clients about their investment.

29. Homemade Food Business: If you are a good cook yourself, then you can start a homemade food shop, for those who are living far from their homes and looking for tastes.

30. Advertisement Maker: If you think you are creative and can make good advertisements then you are very valuable for many companies, as companies often look for the peoples who can add values to their ads.

So these are some of the many low investment business ideas. Wishing all the readers best for their future businesses. Hope these business ideas will help them. Do comment the ideas you liked most. If you have more business ideas with low investments share with us in the comment.

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