Bank of Baroda or BOB is the oldest and largest public sector bank in India with over 100 years of experience in banking. If you happen to be one of their customers, this is how to get instant BOB Mini Statement on your mobile or smartphone.

There used to be only the SMS banking previously, which you can use when you do not have the internet connectivity, but now there is an app as well that lets you instantly check your mini statement of your savings and current bank account. I happen to use both of them, and I find both these offline and online methods quite handy.

How to Get Bank of Baroda or BOB Mini Statement on Mobile

1. Check Mini Statement Online with Baroda M-Connect+

Step 1:

If you’re not using already, simply download the Baroda MConnect+ app from the Play store. (Skip to Step 3, if you’re already using app.)

Step 2:

You will have to verify your bank account using the SMS facility, once you log in for the first time. You will also have to set up the application password, that will help you access your account for finding your mini statement and much more using this mobile app.

Step 3: 

Enter your application password to instantly login to your bank account using the bob mobile app.

Step 4:

Click on My Account > You will see your balance here.

Step 5:

On the same screen click on Mini Statement.

Voila! Here is your Bank of Baroda Mini Statement with the latest 10 transactions.

The handy statement screen will also graphically show how your balance is credited or debited with last 10 transactions with red and green colored bars.

This is how you can easily retrieve your BOB mini statement using the mobile application.

2. Statement by SMS Banking

So to get the mini statement of your Bank of Baroda Account, all you have to do is that you have to send a message and it will be done. It should be noted that you must have subscribed to the SMS banking before you can actually use this facility to get your mini statement for your bank account. Here are the details of the SMS Keyword

Step 1:

If you are new to SMS Banking…

For the first time user, activation of SMS banking is compulsory to start using the SMS banking features. To do that, send the following SMS by replacing it with your actual number.

ACT<space><Last 4 Digit of Account>

Send this to 8422009988 to activate your SMS Banking features.

Note that your mobile number must be registered with the bank.

Step 2:

How to get Mini Statement via SMS Banking quickly. 

Send the following message to 8422009988 to get Mini Statement on your phone.

MINI<space><Last 4 Digit of Account>

bank of baroda mini statement number

This is how simple it is, to generate the quick statement of your savings or current bank accounts with Bank of Baroda using your phone number.

3.  Missed Call Feature by Bank of Baroda (BOB)

BOB has also availed a much easier feature to check the balance of your account using the simple missed call.

Note that this might not give you the full mini statements with the last 10 transactions, but you can quickly check your updated balance with a simple missed call.

I personally happen to have both current and savings account connected to Bank of Baroda with the same registered number. So this missed call feature offers me to check the balance on both accounts with the single missed call!

To get the mini statement from BOB, simply give a missed call on 8468001111. The call will automatically be disconnected after a few rings and instantly you will get the message with the balance.

I hope the above article has helped you receive the statement for your Bank of Baroda account easily. Do let us know in the comments if you have any issues or suggestions.

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