The Indian aviation sector has been the worlds fastest growing market with a huge growth of 23.18% in domestic air passenger traffic in 2016. As per the analysis, this has happened mainly due to rise in per capita income of the average Indian.

Close to 100 million passengers used the airlines to travel in 2016 compared to 81 million passengers in 2015. Almost 70% of this market share comes from low-cost carriers which clearly indicates that the Indian passengers prefer low prices rather than convenience.

Based on this information, we have come up with a few more tips which you can use to further reduce your traveling cost when you book your flight the next time.


Secrets Ways to Book Cheapest Flight.

1. Choose Ticket Booking Day Wisely

Book Cheapest Flight

This is a very important tip that many of us don’t know. The flight tickets are quite low during weekdays but they gradually increase as the weekend comes closer. Therefore, Monday seems to be the best day for you to book a ticket because the ticket prices are approximately 2.5% lower than the average rate compared to a Friday or Saturday. Other than that, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are also better to book flight tickets.

2. Ticket Booking Time

Other than the day of booking a ticket, the time of booking a ticket also plays a crucial role. You should book a ticket at least 30 to 90 days prior to your journey. However, this isn’t very practical as traveling plans are finalized just a few weeks before. Still, if you have a trip/vacation in mind, make sure you book your tickets in advance. It will save you a lot of money.

3. Book The Tickets At Perfect Hours

Book Cheapest Flight Book Cheapest Flight Book Cheapest Flight

The perfect hours of booking a flight ticket are either very early in the morning or late at night. From the data that we have collected, the best time to book your flight tickets is either from 3 am to 10 am or 9 pm to 12 pm. You will be able t secure your tickets at the best possible prices during these hours. During the daytime, the prices seem to gradually increase. So either stay awake late at night or wake up early to book your tickets.

4. Low-Cost Carriers

When airlines offer tickets at less price then it is clear that they are doing some cost-cutting. This cost-cutting means that the convenience of a passenger is given a low priority. Therefore, the low-cost carriers do not offer meals, good service, and good leg space as compared to the full-service carriers. But these low-cost carriers charge you almost 20% less fare for the same route as compared to the full-service carriers. You do get meals as an option on these low-cost carriers for which you have to pay extra.

The full-service carriers are Vistara, Jet Airways, and Air India while the low-cost carriers are SpiceJet, Indigo, and Go Air. Therefore, you have a choice here. If you want a good service and make your travel comfortable then go for full-service carriers else go for the low-cost carriers and save yourself some good money.

The next time you want to book a flight ticket for your business tour or a vacation, do use these tips and try to save as much money as you can.

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