Anyone who’s looking to start an Import Export business needs to register his company and also needs to get the necessary licenses. The cost of these licenses may vary between INR 1700 to 4000 in India.

This variation is caused due to many things. The government charges INR 500 for the application of Import Export license. You can also make IEC independently by going to the official DGFT website and pay INR 500 as application fee. But for this, you must have a ‘Class 2’ DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) in order to complete your application of IEC.

The cost of the ‘Class 2’ DSC also varies between INR 1200 to 2000 respectively. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness goes up to INR 1700 to 2500. And if you choose to get this licenses via an agent, then you have to shell out more as the agent will charge you a commission anywhere between INR 500 to 1500.

Therefore, the Import Export license may cost you INR 4000 or more. Therefore, if want to save money, then go to the DGFT website and fill out the application yourself and obtain your Import Export license without the help of an agent.

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