There are a few people that I know who got their Russian Tourist Visa in just a few hours without any outside help. I’ve talked with them as to how did they accomplish it so easily. So in this article, I will share their secrets as to how they got their Russian tourist visas so fast.


Below are the steps through which you can get your Russian Tourist Visa quickly:

  1. Create a rough route along which you will travel.
  2. Book the hostels/hotels and flight tickets accordingly.
  3. Approach a Russian travel agency and get an invitation letter from them.
  4. Fill the online Visa Application.
  5. Submit this Visa Application with the invitation letter along with other necessary documents at the visa office.
  6. Collect your Visa after 3 days.

Let’s go into details of each of these steps:

Step 1: Create a rough route and make bookings

Before creating your route, you must first collect all the information that you can get from a reliable source. It is best if you would just call the Russian embassy in New Delhi and ask them in detail the process of getting a tourist visa. They will give you the contacts of their authorized travel agencies which will help you with an effortless visa processing experience. These agencies charge you for their services. These charges are very nominal and prove to be of great help.

Once you call these agencies, they will hear out all your questions and problems and will guide you through the process. They will help you understand the process in a simple way. My friends found out that the applicants can approach the Consulate directly to apply for a visa. You could save a huge amount of money that the private travel agencies charge for doing the same. You can approach the travel agents authorized by the Russian Embassy but it will cost you more. But never approach agents that are not authorized as they will charge you significantly higher and can mislead you also.

After getting this done, plan your rough route and then book the hostels/hotels accordingly. There are many portals which let you book rooms without having to pay in advance and you can also cancel your booking without any cancellation charges. So make a thorough research while booking. Also, book your flight tickets through such portals as they may offer you cheaper rates.

Step 2: To get an invitation letter from a Russian travel agency

Every applicant has to submit an invitation letter which has to be obtained from a travel agency that is based in Russia. In the case of other countries, only your passport and other personal and professional documents are needed, therefore, this will seem very different process for you. It is important that whichever Russian agency issues you an invitation letter, it must be authorized by the Russian government. It is likely that you will be asked to send a confirmed hotel/hostel bookings to this Russian travel agency which will verify that and then issue you the invitation letter. Check out How you can get the Invitation letter to obtain a Russian Tourist Visa.

Step 3: Online Visa Application

For the visa, you have to visit their official website. You have to follow the process and once you have filled out the application form, take a print out.You will have to choose a visa application center before you submit the form online. So choose a center that is nearest to you.

Step 4: Submit the Visa application to the Russian authorities

You have to book an online appointment with the Russian visa application center. You can book your appointment by Clicking Here. Be punctual. At your exact appointment time, the guard will let you in. The official person will then ask you for your documents. Therefore, you have to carry all your documents (It may seem that some documents aren’t that important but do carry them as the official may ask you to produce them and then you will have no choice). Once your documents are verified, they will ask you to pay a sum of Rs 1300 to get the Visa in 3 days or pay a sum of 2600 and get the Visa on the same day. So, you can choose what’s best for you. This is how you will obtain your Russian tourist visa.


Just because the authorized agencies accepted your visa application, it does not mean that you got an approval for your Visa. The Russian Consular office holds the sole discretion in granting or refusing a visa application. Therefore, if the consular office thinks that the documents or application you’ve submitted isn’t proper, then they can refuse your Visa. Also, the consular office has the right to increase the visa processing time in special scenarios. In case if your application is rejected, you won’t get back the fees you paid to the consulate/agency as it is non-refundable.

Below table shows the Tourist Visa Chart for Russia

Visa Fees For Citizens Of India

Processing Time Visa Fee For Citizen Of India
Single Entry Visa
3 Working Days Rs. 1300
On the same day Rs. 2600
Double Entry Visa
3 Working Days Rs. 2080
On the same day Rs. 4160
Multi-Entry Visa
4-20 working days Rs. 3900
3 working days Rs. 7800
Visa reissue 4-10 working days Rs. 1820


Documents required for the Russian Tourist Visa

  1. Original and a copy of your Passport.
  2. The Tourist Invitation Letter from Russian Travel agency.
  3. The application form filled correctly.
  4. A Photograph of size 35×45 mm.
  5. Fees at Russian Consulate/Embassy – Rs 1300 or Rs 2600. Whereas, Fees at their authorized agency, for example, IFS – Rs 2480 or Rs 3780.

Below are the details of Russian Embassy or Consulate in India.

Russian Embassy in New Delhi

Consular Division,
Embassy of the Russian Federation,
Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi 110021

Phone: 011 26110560
Fax: 011 24678564

Russian Consulate in Mumbai

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai,

42, Jagmohandas Marg (Nepean Sea Road)

Mumbai, 400006, India.

Phone Number – +91(22)2363-3627, +91(22)2363-3628

Fax – +91(22)2363-0403

Email –

Web –

Hope that all your queries are answered by now. But if you still have any queries left or have any suggestions then please leave a comment below.

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