If you are an HDFC Bank credit card user then you must be well aware of how the credit system works. If you manage to make all your credit card payments without delay, then you will be a satisfied credit card user and you will never face stress due to this.

So how exactly do you make your payments for your HDFC Credit Card? If you have your account in the HDFC Bank then you must be fully aware of all the advanced facilities that the bank offers for you to easily make credit card outstanding bill payments from your savings or current account instantly.

If you don’t have an account with HDFC Bank but you still have the HDFC Credit Card, its likely that you must be using older ways to make your credit card payments. But you should know that HDFC offers a lot of options for their credit cardholders to make the payments both offline and online. For those credit card users who don’t hold an account in HDFC Bank, you can add your credit card as a beneficiary and for doing that, you will need the IFSC code of your HDFC credit card.

How To Make HDFC Credit Card Payment By Using IFSC Code

  • For making the HDFC credit card payment using NEFT, you will have to use the IFSC code HDFC0000128.
  • You can easily make your HDFC Bank credit card payment from any other bank easily by using NEFT.
  • Simply, you have to visit the HDFC Bank website for your credit card payment.
  • Now select the option “Make Credit Card Payments” from another bank.
  • You just have to enter your credit card details now.
  • HDFC Bank will not charge anything for receiving the credit card payment from another bank.
  • However, the bank account from which you are making this payment may charge you for this payment.


There are various ways using which a non-HDFC Bank account holder can make HDFC credit card payments. You just have to know all those ways and then choose which is the most comfortable for you. All these ways of making credit card payment are convenient and fast. When you successfully make your payment, you will get an SMS from HDFC Bank regarding the acknowledgment of your payment.

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