A new feature called the “Member Passbook” has been introduced by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). This will keep a track of all your transactions that are made towards the provident fund over the years. You can also download this EPF member passbook by using your Universal Account Number (UAN).

UAN is a unique number that is allocated to every employee irrespective of whether he/she works for the government or private companies. This number is allocated when these employees start contributing to PF. Therefore, by using this facility, you can see all your entries and keep an account of the same in your EPF passbook.

EPF Passbook is similar to your bank passbook. It provides you with all the information that is relevant to your deposits, withdrawals and pension contributions. In addition to that, you can also view details in your UAN passbooks like member ID, personal details, EPF balance, establishment code, etc.

It is mandatory that you have your 12 digit UAN number before you download your EPF passbook. In case you do not have your UAN, contact your employer to provide you with one. You also have to register on the EPFO portal and activate (article link) your UAN.


UAN Member Portal & EPF Passbook Download

1] Goto the UAN page of EPFO website.

2] Under ‘Our services‘, which is on the left side, you will find ‘For Employees‘ as shown below. Click on this.

uan passbook


3] It will take you to another page. Here, under “Services” section, click on ‘Member Passbook‘ as shown below.


uan passbook


4] It will again take you to another page. Now, login to the member portal using your 12 digit UAN and password for the UAN member portal. If you have changed any of your credentials, then you shall be able to view the UAN EPF passbook only on the next day. Instructions are displayed here. Read them carefully.

pf balance check with uan number

5] Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to see an option ‘View e-passbook’. Below it would be member ID, click on that.

6] A page will then pop up. It will display your passbook with all your entries. Here, you will also find an option “Download Passbook”.

Download UAN EPF Passbook Online

You can only make changes in your member portal credentials after 24 hours. At times, you may face errors while downloading the passbook. Below is a sample of downloaded EPF UAN Passbook.

So, this is how you can download the UAN EPF passbook online. Here, you can see complete details of your contributions to your PF. The contribution amount is dependent on your basic salary, so it remains the same as long as your basic salary doesn’t change. Also, there are 2 columns of deposit and withdrawal respectively. The deposit amount will be consistent with the employee share as well as employer share. You can also see the details of your withdrawal too in the EPF passbook.

So, by using the above methods, you can log into UAN member portal and download EPF passbook. Hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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