Income Tax filing is one of the most tedious forms to fill in India. There are so many parameters that one has to consider while filling the form. I will explain here how you can pay the income tax online by using challan number 280 that is on the income tax website. Many employers, small businessman etc depend on their CA and similar entities to pay their income tax. Additional income tax of salaried people is paid by their employers, therefore, they mostly don’t need to pay it.

But there can arise a situation where they will have to pay their income tax. Such situations can be:

  1. If TDS that is been deducted is lower than the actual tax liability.
  2. If you have received a notice for payment of balance tax.
  3. If you have income sources other than your salary.


So What Exactly Is Challan 280?

The Challan 280 is a form that is required to be filled in case you want to pay your income taxes. You can do this offline at your bank which is designated to collect income tax, or you can also pay it online. I’ll show you both these processes.

A] Paying Your Income Tax Offline At The Bank

You can physically go down to the bank and submit the filled challan 280 form along with your payment. You can download this challan 280 form on the Income Tax website.

B] Paying Your Income Tax Online

You can also pay the taxes online by filling up challan 280 online and make the payment via net banking facility (NEFT, RTGS etc). Below are the steps you need to follow for making online income tax payment.

1] Go to the income tax website and select the option “Challan 280”

Go to the income tax website and then click on “CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280”. You will find it under “Non-TDS/TCS” as shown below.

Pay Income Tax Online

2] Fill all the details on this form

Once you click on the above-given challan 280 link, The Challan 280 form will then open.

Pay Income Tax Online

  • Choose (0021) INCOME-TAX (which means other than companies). This is to be chosen by individuals.
  • Choose the assessment year, which is mostly next year for which you are paying your income tax. So if you are paying the tax for the year 2016-2017, the assessment year will be 2017-2018 respectively.
  • After that, enter your Address, PAN Number, E-mail address, Mobile Number etc.
  • For the Type of Payment, you can choose “(300)SELF ASSESSMENT TAX” in case you are paying the final income tax for that year, or “(100)ADVANCE TAX” if you are paying advance tax.
  • Select the bank through which you are going to make your payment and then click on “Proceed” which will take you to next page for verification of all the details that you entered.

3] Verify the details and make the payment

After you click on “Proceed”, you’ll be taken to the page that will display all the details you just entered. Verify all the details and check for any small mistakes that you have made, as it can cause you lot of trouble later on. Once you’re sure that you have filled the right information, proceed to online payment.

4] Payment System

You will be taken to your bank’s login page. Enter your online banking username and password. After that, enter the income tax amount and all the necessary details and make payment.

5] PDF receipt

Once you had made the payment, it will generate your challan receipt of your payment. You can download this receipt PDF format. You can save it for yourself. You will also get an email that will have the challan copy. So, it will be a backup.

I hope it’s completely clear to you now as to how this process works. Also check how to check income tax refund status and If you have any questions or suggestions then please leave a comment below.

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