When you open a new bank account, a unique number, called the CIF number, is generated. This CIF number is very important as it has all your banking details linked to it. CIF is short for Customer Information File. The format in which the CIF number is created is different to different banks. In case of the Central Bank of India, the CIF number is of 10 digits. This guide will help you to find Central Bank of India CIF Number if you have an account in this bank. If you want to find CIF number of SBI, SBT, or SBH, click here.

Ways to Find Your CIF Number of Central Bank of India(CBI)

There are six different ways using which you can find out your CIF number of Central Bank of India (CBI). Those ways are as:

1] By Visiting Your Home Branch of Central Bank of India

Simply visit your home branch of CBI and give the representative your valid passbook and ask them for your CIF number. They will give you your CIF number immediately.

2] By calling the CBI Customer Care

You can call the Central Bank of India (CBI) customer care on 1800221911 which is toll-free. Then follow the steps which will get you to one of the customer care executives and then ask them to provide you with your CIF number. The executive will ask for your verification for security. Once verified, he will give the CIF number.

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3] By Checking Your Account Statement

Get your account statement online or from the bank. Your CIF number will be printed on this statement.

4] By Checking Your Fixed Deposit Certificate

In case you have an FD in the Central Bank of India, you will get your CIF number on the FD certificate printed on the right side of your name.

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5] By Using Online/Internet Banking

Simply log in to your account on the Central Bank of India website. You will find your CIF number on the home screen of your account page.

6] By Checking Your Cheque Book or Passbook

The CBI mentions your CIF number on the front page of your passbook and cheque book. So you will easily find it.

CIF number is very important as it has all your sensitive information stored with it. Therefore, it is always necessary for you to know your CIF number for future purpose.

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