CIF or Customer Information File number is a unique number that is linked to your banking account. This number has all your sensitive banking information stored with it. Therefore, it is important to know your CIF number for future banking related problems or purposes. CIF number is stored in different formats by different banks. To know more about CIF number, click here.


How to Find CIF Number of Indian Bank

There are four ways using which you can find the CIF number of your account in the Indian Bank. Those ways are as follows:

1] By using Indian Bank Passbook

The CIF number will be printed on the front page of your passbook. You will find that easily.


2] By using Online/Internet Banking

Simply log in to your account on the Indian Bank website. You will find your CIF number on the home screen of your account page.

3] By Calling the Indian Bank Customer Care

You can call the Indian Bank customer care on 1800 4250 0000 which is toll-free. Then follow the steps to connect to the customer care executive. Verify yourself which is required for security reasons. Once you are verified, the executive will tell you your CIF number.

4] By Visiting Your Indian Bank Home Branch

Simply go to your home branch. Show your passbook to the representative and he will tell you your CIF number immediately.

To find CIF number of Central Bank of India, click here.

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