HDFC bank is one of the most rapidly growing banks in India, and if you happen to be one of the customers like I am, it is often hard to find how to change/update mobile number in HDFC bank’s robust net banking platform. In the following tutorial, you’ll learn to update your contact info online by mobile banking and another offline way.

How to Change/Update Mobile Number in HDFC Bank

Change Phone Number With HDFC Netbanking

If you’re not sure how to change registered mobile number in HDFC online banking, here is the quickest way. Note that not all customer categories are allowed to do this online, and you may have to try mobile banking and application form is you are a basic HDFC bank customer.

1. Login to your HDFC Netbanking Portal –

2. On the top right corner in the second row, click on Update Contact Details.

3. Click on the Update Address Section.

how to change registered mobile number in HDFC Bank

4. Here you can find the field to update not only your latest phone number but your address as well. In case of address update, you may have to upload scanned documents such as Aadhaar Card, Driving License or Voter ID.

It takes about 2-3 days for the HDFC bank to verify and update your contact information using HDFC netbanking.

Change Contact Number with HDFC Mobile Banking

If online banking is not something you are used to, and you happen to use phone banking or HDFC mobile banking service already, you have option to update your residence and company phone number from HDFC Mobile Banking App.

Change Mobile Number in HDFC Bank

You can do so by logging into your app > Your Profile > Personal profile.

HDFC bank- update contact information

This screen allows you to update your secondary contact information on the go, but not the primary phone number as of now, which leaves only one other option that follows next.

change registered mobile number HDFC Bank

By Submitting Application Form at the Branch

The other non-tech way is to simply download the official change/update mobile number form provided by HDFC bank, and submit with your information.

You will need the change of contact information form by HDFC Bank and your important information like Customer Name, Customer ID, Old and New Phone number you want to update.

It takes about 7 days to get this information updated in the system, so if you have some urgency, this is the slowest method to change registered mobile number HDFC  bank.

Note that the above form acceptance will only change your contact information in the HDFC bank’s net banking and the connected fixed deposits accounts. To change the mobile number on a credit card or loan account you will have to download and submit a separate form.

I hope the above online and offline ways to change your mobile number in HDFC bank has helped you successfully update your contact number. We’ve made sure this guide is updated as of year 2020, as HDFC tends to change their netbanking and phone banking options quite frequently, do let us know if this method is not working or if you have any other suggestions in the comments section below.

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