It is often that we fail to remember the transactions, especially if you’re trying to recall where you spent the money last month. While there are multiple ways to trace ATM by ATM ID, let’s find out what are the options to find your withdrawals digitally or with the bank.

Trace ATM Withdrawal Locations

Trace ATM by ATM ID

Every branch of the bank is associated with certain ATMs in nearby locations. They are always marked with specific ATM IDs, which lets you trace the bank, branch, and location of the ATMs. However, you need to have the ATM transaction slip/receipt that is provided when you perform the ATM withdrawal. If you’re tracing the last month’s transaction it is unlikely you have kept the slip or the printed content of the slip often remove with time if not filed properly. So this is one of the most unreliable ways to find out the ATM withdrawal locations.

But in case if you have the printed slip, you can find the ATM ID right on the top of your slip. Mostly city name is clearly mentioned, and to discover the branch or the location, you need to call the bank customer care or visit them physically at the branch to know more. The ID on the slip helps them identify the withdrawal location for you.

Withdrawal Tracing by Internet Banking

If you’re a frequent user of internet banking facility by your bank, you can basically generate statements at will, or have the mini statements always available on your smartphone with banking apps.

This is the easiest and convenient way to trace the ATM withdrawal locations, and you don’t need to save paper or even waste paper by taking the ATM transaction slip.

Just hop on to your bank’s app or netbanking website and query the bank account statement of the desired dates. If you’re a frequent traveler like me, who forgets the ATM transactions here is how I trace the location of withdrawals.

Here is the statement screenshot of my statement from Katra located in Jammu, which is enough information for me. But the number CAS9002 will help you find the bank, branch, and location if you want to go that deep with the tracing withdrawals data by reaching out to customer care.

atm transactions

Here is another snapshot of my ATM transaction at a different city and location.

atm transactions

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SMS Banking Facility

Another most convenient ways to trace the ATM transactions is the instant SMS that you receive after the withdrawal. Most banks let you trace the ATM by ATM ID right in your message box. They offer a general location like a city and some banks also offer shortcodes of ATM-like DWRK for DWARKA location.

The following image clearly shows the exact location of the ATM on the SMS. Not every bank offers the information in the text format, and sometimes you have to cross-check with customer care if you’ve only received the ATM ID as a shortcode in your transactional SMS>

Trace ATM by ATM ID with SMS

Trace ATM with Customer Care

Calling the bank customer care is the most non-tech way of tracking your atm withdrawal location, but if you prefer not using net banking or SMS banking or the smartphone banking applications, this is pretty much the only thing you are left with. Just hop on to your bank’s website, and contact the customer care of your city. All you need to do is validate your account by answering the customer care questions, and let them know the transaction date and time, and they can do all the above-mentioned ATM tracing for you.

Even though this sounds the quickest way to discover the transaction location, it can take up to 15-30 minutes depending on how busy your bank’s customer care usually is.

Visit Your Bank’s Branch

This is the least of my favorite ways to do anything when it comes to banking, but if you have time at your hand, and don’t mind waiting for an hour or so, you can get the ATM location tracing done by the banking staff at the branch. Some private banks staff is very willing to help in no time, whereas some nationalized banks may take a lot of time giving you the same information, depending on your local branch.

I often find net banking and SMS the most convenient ways to trace the ATMs by ATM IDs to trace the city or location of transactions. Do let us know your ways to track transactions online or offline in the comments section below.

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