In this digital world where everything is becoming available online, can you find your CIF number in the traditional way without using net banking or even your passbook?

Well, the answer is YES.

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Find CIF number without using net banking and passbook

There are ways with which you can find CIF number without using net banking and passbook. Those ways are as follows:

  1. If you have your chequebook, then you will find your CIF number on the first page of the chequebook.
  2. When you open a new bank account, then the bank gives you a Welcome Kit. You will also find CIF number on this kit.
  3. Go to any branch of your bank. Give them your identity proof and account number and they will tell you your CIF number.
  4. You can also get your account statement from the bank branch. This account statement will have your CIF number printed on it.
  5. Call the customer care of your bank. Follow the steps needed to speak to the executive. Tell them the necessary to verify your identity. Then the executive will tell your CIF number.

These ways will help you find your CIF number in maximum banks.

Find out the ways to find CIF number in the various bank:

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